Waste Wood Boilers

iGen Renewables can install a range of waste wood biomass boilers for waste recycling centres, factories and workshops. We offer a design and consultancy service to install biomass systems capable of burning Grade A, B and C waste wood in the fuel form of chip, shredded, pellet, shavings and sawdust materials.

We can advise and offer upon biomass boilers that are warrantied to burn different grades of waste and that are "WID" compliant to meet the industrial emissions directive.

Currently under environment agency regulations, it is permitted to use Grade A, B and C waste wood to generate energy for a heating, drying or industrial process. This process is supported by the government funded RHI (renewable heat incentive).

Our biomass installations are tailored around client requirements and are set up to reduce both energy costs and waste disposal costs whilst making the most of the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Drying equipment such as continuous belt driers or drying floors can be incorporated into the Biomass system to be used for the drying of wood chip, shavings, sawdust, Solid Recoverd fuel (SRF), refuse derived fuel (RDF), municipal solid waste (MSW) and MRF.

The deposal costs of waste can be significantly reduced through the drying process as most wastes are disposed of by the ton.

A part B permit from the local authority will be required for Grade A waste wood.

A SWIP Part A permit application from the Environment Agency is required to burn Grade C waste wood.

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