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What is Biomass ?

Quite simply Biomass is the industry term used for creating energy from wood or other organic materials by burning them. To burn the wood you will need a Biomass Boiler, there are a few different types of boiler depending on the type of wood you are burning.

There are three main types of Biomass boilers all having their pros and cons, they are different because each type of boiler is set up to use specific fuel types, such as logs, wood chips and pellets.

When purchasing a Biomass Boiler system you need to take into consideration the fuel type as the different systems will require different amounts of storage space and accessibility.

The choice is entirely yours and we can even help you to decide on what would be the best option for you.

Biomass boilers range in different sizes and outputs so choosing the right one is crucial and there are many factors that determine what type and size boiler you may need.

We are more than happy to make a site visit in order to suggest the right type of boiler for your property.

We will work with you to stay within your budget requirements so that you get your optimum boiler at the lowest cost.

Fuel Types

Wood Chip

Wood Chip is usually available as the most cost effective energy source for you biomass boiler. Woodchip boilers are usually slightly more expensive than wood pellet boilers however this cost is typically offset with the lower cost of woodchip. Woodchip Biomass systems usually require large spaces for storage and access for vehicles to the chip store.


Wood pellets are made from compressed sawdust, wood shavings and other Biomass products. 
They are uniform in shape and size and have a higher energy content than chip or logs, thus requiring less storage space.


Logs must be manually fed into the boiler and are less automated than Woodchip or Pellet Biomass Boilers. Their output depends much more on human input. If the wood isn't adequately seasoned,  contains too much moisture or the air supply is reduced too early they will not burn efficiently and create excess smoke and tar.

iGen Renewables are BSL0403218-0001 authorised to sell kiln dried firewood, force dried virgin wood chip and EN Plus A1 rated wood pellets.

Our sister company Dragon Wood Products Ltd are BSL0541384-0001 authorised to sell kiln dried firewood, force dried virgin wood chip and EN Plus A1 rated wood pellets.

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