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Biomass Consultancy

The unexpected and real growth area of our business.....

iGen Renewables Ltd has a portfolio of successful biomass installations, but unfortunately that cannot be said for other biomass installation companies.

Increasingly we are being requested to consult upon problematic installations, where the original installation company has gone out of business or will simply no longer respond to the customer.

Our experience and expertise in both biomass and the RHI allows us to help with the efficient operating of a biomass system and establish if it is working to the best of its ability.

This is particularly important as many if not most installations are dependant upon the RHI to achieve their desired payback and meet financial goals. We can therefor help customers in maximising their RHI return to help achieve the highest possible return on investment.

Establishing and solving problems such as poor fuel quality, incorrectly placed meters, incorrectly installed heat exchangers etc which all have a significant impact upon the efficiency of a biomass system.

RHI assessments establish whether a customer is achieving their full income potential or falling short of expectations.

iGen Renewables Ltd can offer a full professional opinion on metering strategies whether complex or standard and whether or not a heat loss assessment would be beneficial.
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