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Industrial Biomass

iGen Renewables offer an installation and consultancy service for biomass heating systems, both individual and district heating. We also offer the same the same service for commercial and industrial processes such as drying and cleaning.

Each project is designed, planned, installed and utilised specifically to our clients needs on a tailored basis. Biomass fuel is affordable, highly efficient and can give great returns on your investment.
Use of high energy equipment and processes means that the manufacturing sector uses the most power, with increasing demand for more affordable energy. The installation of a biomass technology system could not only reduce fuel costs, but also help your business on the path to reducing its carbon footprint.

Industries such as breweries, distilleries and food processing plants benefit greatly from the installation of a biomass system as these industries rely on intense heat processes.

This is similar of all industries that have a high heat demand for water, heating or process heat such as cleaning or drying.

Installed correctly and set up for efficiency, a biomass system will guarantee your business a return on investment through the governments backed RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme.

Main benefits of a Biomass System:

Reduced energy costs
Protection from ever rising fossil fuel prices
Return on investment
Reduced Carbon footprint
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